11 February 2020


WELIOM is emerging as a partner in the reconfiguration of healthcare institutions, deploying healthcare stakeholders, recognised experts in the field and structured methodologies appropriate to their business area.

As a consultancy firm dedicated to reconfiguring healthcare institutions, WELIOM supports its clients by examining a whole range of economic, regulatory, societal and medical issues, thereby meeting 3 objectives:

  • development of organisations
  • development of digital services
  • compliance with regulatory requirements

By fulfilling these core objectives, we can work together to improve patient experience, make gains in efficiency and contribute to transforming the healthcare system

Why join the cluster?

Pierre-Yves ANDRE,

WELIOM is seeking to support the healthcare system in meeting the challenges of tomorrow. We decided to join Atlanpôle Biothérapies in order to help stimulate growth in the region’s healthcare sector, to develop awareness of the competitive cluster, to build partnerships with regional stakeholders to better meet the challenges of tomorrow, and to give start-ups greater knowledge of the market and its players in order to fast-track their development.