Hemarina announces positive preclinical proof of concept results on lung preservation before transplantation

24 May 2018

Hemarina, a member of Atlanpole Biotherapies, the marine biotechnology company specializing in the development of extracellular universal oxygen carriers for unmet medical needs and the canadian University Health Network Hospital, report promising preclinical efficacy results on HEMO2life® in cold static lung preservation.

Today, lung transplantation is a last resort solution for a many patients with COPD, cystic fibrosis or pulmonary emphysema worldwide. Given the acute shortage of grafts, there is a crucial need to find out solutions to extend safe preservation time, currently estimated maximum time of about 8- 12 hours.

Previously, we have shown that the use of the normothermic ex vivo lung perfusion (EVLP) technique allows us to safely extend the time we can store lungs. The objective of this recent preclinical study was to evaluate the efficacy of HEMO2life® oxygen carrier in allowing us to further extend cold static preservation times when used in combination with EVLP in order to provide opportunities to overcome current geographical constraints, optimize immunological matches between donor and recipient and ultimately allow for lung transplantation to become a semi-elective procedure.  ” commented Dr Marcelo Cypel, renowned expert Thoracic and Lung Transplant surgeon, University Health Network.

Results of the present study suggest that HEMO2life® was successful in minimizing lung injury during extended cold static preservation and attenuating ischemia-reperfusion injury. Results of this study generated data also showing excellent post-transplant lung function after 48 hours of pulmonary preservation, offering a greater oxygenation ratio.

Based on its unique attributes and the preclinical data obtained, HEMO2life® seems to be an ideal candidate in lung transplantation as a universal additive to existing organ preservation solutions towards clinical development ” concluded with enthusiasm Dr. Franck Zal, co-founder, and CEO of Hemarina.

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