In-Cell-Art announces a contract with one of top 5 Global Pharmas to discover potential antibodies medicines

24 May 2018

Nantes – France, 24 of May , 2018 – In-Cell-Art (ICA), a member of Atlanpole Biotherapies, a biotechnology company specialized in nanocarrier technologies named Nanotaxi ® designed to unlock the promise of nucleic acids to treat acquired or inherited diseases, announces today the signature with one of the top 5 global pharmas of a Master Services Agreement for the use of ICANtibodies™ to immunize transgenic animals for the discover y of fully human antibodies with potential therapeutic use in human. ICANtibodies ™ is a fully integrated antibodies discovery process without peptide and recombinant protein (from plasmid DNA antigen design and synthesis, Nanotaxi®/plasmid formulation and immunization in various species, to antibody quality controls). The figure below is the process of ICANtibodies™.

Nanotaxi®, the proprietary In-Cell-Art formulations, makes ICANtibodies™ unique compared to other genetic immunization – based antibodies discovery since Nanotaxi® dramatically increases expression of the gene – encoded antigen and hugely stimulates the innate immune system through a unique delivery mechanism. The combination of these two properties allows the Nanotaxi® to generate powerful immune responses and antibodies of interest even against extremely difficult targets such as complex of integral membrane proteins and proteins with high homology. Discovered antibodies are of high quality with high specificity and high affinity (~pM).
Bruno Pitard, co-founder of In-Cell-Art, said “In-Cell-Art is very pleased to reach this Master Services Agreement with a world’s leading pharmaceutical firm evaluating ICANtibodies™ as a way to break through in challenges to validate targets and develop antibody medicines. In In-Cell-Art history, we have succeeded in quite a few projects from academics and pharmaceutical firms which were not successful by alternative technologies. As simple and easy targets have been already exploited, In-Cell-Art believes that at present market needs are more for antibodies discovery against complex targets which require an innovative solution like ICANtibodies™”.