Horama raises €19 million in a Series B financing round

21 November 2017

A spin-off from Philippe Mouilier’s labratory at Nantes University Hospital, Horama has been supported by Atlanpole for 5 years . Incubated in 2011 within Inserm, this first step allowed the young company to work on its access to the market and the targeting of innovative therapies to be developped. Then, in 2016, the development was accelerated through a fundrasing of 4 capital risk million euros.

Horama, a Franch biotech company based in Paris and Nantes that specialises in gene therapy for the treatment of rare, inherited retinal diseases, announces today a 19 million euros Series financing from four new investment funds and from the company’s hisorical investors. This fundraising was intended to finance the development of the HORA-PDE6B project, including the start of its clinical phase, wich has just been authorised by the French regulatory bodies.

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