In-Cell-Art Announces Extension of a second Research Service Agreement with a Global Independent Vaccine Company

6 July 2017

In-Cell-Art (ICA), a biotechnology company specializing in nanocarrier technologies named Nanotaxi® for unlocking the promise of nucleic acids to treat acquired or inherited diseases, announces today that ICA and a global vaccine company signed a second research service agreement for the evaluation of Nanotaxi®.

Under the terms of agreement, ICA will perform the entire project including in vivo animal studies for immunogenicity with the agreed financial support from the industrial partner which also gives technical assistance to enable ICA to make the proof of concept for the preclinical and clinical development of the bivalent vaccine. For low-dose and potent vaccine design, the delivery method uses ICA’s Nanotaxi®, which can deliver genetic material directly into the cytosol to increase dramatically gene expression and stimulate the innate immune system.


In-Cell-Art (ICA), which is headquartered in Nantes (France) is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the preclinical and pharmaceutical development of nanocarriers named Nanotaxi ® for macromolecular drugs. Its founder and research team, which includes a Nobel Laureate, have designed new classes of vectors that are organized on a nanometric scale, which enables them to cross the cell barrier efficiently and safely. In-Cell-Art offers a range of reagents and biotechnology development services.


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