11 February 2020


Albert Azou

NATARYS was created in 2007 based on the strongly held belief that providing people with access to high-quality drinking water is of the utmost importance.

In its pursuit of the ideal drinking water, NATARYS has set up a 7-year R&D approach that will allow it to offer professionals and private individuals equipment capable of producing high-quality drinking water – biodynamic water purified by reverse osmosis using water from the local supply network.

NATARYS, a supplier of bulk-filtered drinking water purified by reverse osmosis and biodynamised using ion-specific electrodes (gold, silver, copper, etc.), has set up its own subsidiary ADWST, a water biotechnology company, with the aim of furthering knowledge of water in general and conducting research into potential health applications of NATARYS water.

A preliminary study by INSERM (French National Institute for Health and Medical Research) demonstrated the benefits in terms of metabolic syndrome, by filtering out the polluting molecules contained in tap water, and by restructuring it in a form that is optimal for the functioning of cellular mechanisms.

As part of its focus on Alternative Energies, this month the CEA is beginning a second, larger study that will look at topics such as agrifoods, human and animal health, and optimisation of plant and vegetable productions.

Already present on the animal health sector, in bakeries and nurseries, we are convinced of the potential health-giving benefits of our concept.

We are therefore seeking private/public partners with whom to conduct studies and research into nutrition and the microbiota, regenerative medicine and immunotherapies, via the following viewpoints:

  • Skin interactions/compatibility
  • Oligotherapy
  • Enhanced effects due to the structuring and revitalising potential of water
  • Resulting reduction of inputs
  • Substrates for the preparation of active ingredients
  • Bioavailability in the organism
  • Improved solvent/drainage effects
  • Prevention of metabolic syndrome
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • . …


Why join the cluster?

Our dual aim is to further our insight into health mechanisms through a greater understanding of water, and to offer a drinking water solution with preventive and/or curative qualities, referred to as a “therapeutic water”.

We therefore wish to:

  • Strengthen our market presence and benefit from professional advice through the Atlanpole Biotherapies network;
  • Develop application research programmes with public and/or private partners;
  • Develop our international outreach.