New member | Allice

30 January 2020


Allice is a union of cooperatives which unites all the French animal selection and reproduction companies and also a Belgian selection company. Some of these companies are world leaders in the sector. Allice represents and defends all the cattle, sheep and goat insemination sectors nationally, in Europe and internationally. It also conducts research programmes in partnership with INRA or private research companies to progress knowledge and techniques in the fields of reproduction physiology and animal genetic selection. Finally, it carries out the tasks of advice, technical support and training for all its members.

Facing the challenges of food and agriculture, Allice is promoting the model of farmer-owned organizations (cooperatives), which is based on the share of competences and resources in order to develop innovative and sustainable solutions dedicated to the livestock activity in France.

In this same spirit of innovation and support Allice takes action and proposes concrete actions to its members to meet society’s growing expectations in terms of product quality, farmers’ quality of life, respect for the environment and animal welfare.

Pascale Parisot,
Executive Director