New member | Apnolab

24 January 2024
Apnolab improves positive airway pressure therapy observance for sleep apnea by connecting all stakeholders involved in its care journey on a single platform. Apnolab places the patient back at the center of treatment by gathering detailed data from SD cards, capturing the patient’s experience in the form of PROMs (Patient-reported outcomes measures) assessing treatment outcomes, and REMs (Patient-reported experience measures) evaluating the patient’s perception of their care experience.

With Apnolab, we can now:

  • Identify problem nights at a glance and track treatment progress by comparing different periods.
  • Easily compare data charts by visualizing detailed data.
  • Detect apneas and critical moments during the night to annotate events not detected by the machine.
  • Monitor patients regardless of their location and 4G coverage.

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