New member | Attonuclei

25 May 2021

ATTONUCLEI took advantage of its 10 years of experience in functionalized Quantum Dots our company is a high-tech company whose mission is to research and develop bottom-up Quantum Dots synthesis techniques for implementation in high value added products.

The key to the quantum dot is in the attometer (1 billionth of a nanometer) scale of electrons. Quantum dots, also known as “synthetic atoms”, are a unique class of semiconductors because they are so small at all space dimensions, ranging from sub nm to ~10 nanometers in diameter. At these small sizes materials behave differently, giving quantum dots unprecedented tunability and enabling new applications in science and technology.

In nanobiotechnological applications, one of the challenges is to make quantum dots biocompatible. The high added-value “functionalized custom Quantum Dots” synthesized by ATTONUCLEI are thermodynamically stable and have homogeneous  dispersion,  high radiative quantum  efficiency,  a  very  broad  absorption  spectrum,  ultra-low  levels  of  nonspecific links  to  biological  compounds  and,  most  importantly,  stability  in  aqueous  media. For this reason, our quantum dots are functionalized with biocompatible materials. Functionalization process enhances physical and chemical properties of quantum dots, and extends their usage lifetimes other than the biocompatibility.

Its company has been conducting own research and developments to explore possible ways to improve functionality of custom quantum dots and introduce new ones with unique performance and properties.

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