New member | Lyv Healthcare

27 December 2022

At the root of Lyv, there is the patient’s reality, from women suffering from endometriosis. Women, who had to go through a painful and distressing medical journey. Women, who decided to act when finding themselves with more questions after their diagnosis than before, a sad but realistic situation with this disease.

At the base of Lyv, there is the will to change the daily life of women suffering from endometriosis, but also to contribute to scientific research on the disease.

At the core of Lyv, there is a digital program providing evidence-based patient information, multidisciplinary self-management, and patient empowerment. A start-up created by patients for patients, and a program developed with the medical experts of endometriosis, for a better life with endometriosis.We are a group of entrepreneurs and patients, determined to tackle this public health issue that concerns 10% of women, i.e. 200 millions people in the world.

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