New member | ODPM

18 February 2022

Founded in 2010, ODPM creates, develops and markets innovative and high performance solutions for personalized medicine in oncology. Its services are emanations of the team work and the research studies of the Oncopharmacology Laboratory at the Cancerology Institute of the West (ICO) Paul Papin and Angers University in Angers, France.

The company offers two complementary ranges of products:

  • ODPM Tox™ to prevent severe toxic side effects through a combined genetic and phenotyping approach;
  • ODPM Protocol™ to optimize treatment efficiency by adapting dosage to each patient.

For over 15 years, these solutions have been validated and optimized for over 40,000 patientsODPM is the market leader in personalized fluoropyrimidines based treatments.

Its services are available for all cancer centers and hospitals specialized in oncology.

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