New member | Olgram

30 January 2020

Olgram transforms a natural marine molecule into a drug to stimulate the immune system and develops new classes of antibiotics.

The marine environment represents a very diverse resource for new drugs to combat major diseases such as cancer or infections. It is an exceptional place where innovative bioactive natural products, whose structural and chemical characteristics are generally not found in terrestrial natural products, have yet to be discovered. In this context, the Olmix group has discovered a new molecule, the Marine Sulfated Polysaccharide (MSP), which has demonstrated very interesting properties on the immune system, in many pathological paradigms requiring reactivation of the immune system. Thus, Olgram was created in order to transform this marine molecule into a drug for immunocompromised patients. At the same time, Olgram is diversifying its product portfolio by integrating potential new antibiotics with unique properties that are eagerly awaited by patients, physicians and the market. These discoveries are being made in collaboration with laboratories at the University of Nantes, Rennes 1 and SATT Ouest Valorisation.


Maryvonne Hiance

Pierre Rocheteau