New member | SIB

31 March 2022

Leading digital cooperative actor serving the public sector, the French public benefit corporation SIB is an expert in conception, deployment, and digital cloud services.

Its teams support nearly 600 hospitals, health institutions and public entities in their digital conversion.

SIB provides a large scale of services based on many renowned functional, technical and professional expertise, such as developing, integrating and software deployment, cloud hosting and IT system outsourcing, interoperability, cybersecurity, data privacy, digitization, training courses…

Certified HDS (Healthcare Data Hosting) and ISO 9001 throughout all the provided services, SIB is also third party digital archiving licensed. LUCIE (ISO 26000) qualified since 2018, Social and Environmental Liability (RSE) is the core of its business plan. SIB is located in Rennes (Brittany) with a branch office in Lille (Hauts-de-France) and has more than 400 employees and contractors.

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