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New member | Biodyssey

Biodyssey is a collective of freelancers dedicated to entrepreneurs and project leaders, specializing in the biotechnology sector. It supports women,... View Article

New member | Apnolab

Apnolab improves positive airway pressure therapy observance for sleep apnea by connecting all stakeholders involved in its care journey on... View Article

New member | Nevezyne

Nevezyne is developping a novel the expression system for recombinant proteins such as hormones, vaccines or enzymes. The company is... View Article

New member | AKIVI

Individually accompanying each caregiver in training on the human body AKIVI is a digital training platform in 2D and 3D... View Article

New member | CTTM

The Centre de Transfert de Technologie du Mans is a private Technological Resources Center (CTO), ISO 9001 certified, providing R&D... View Article

New member | Odroa

ODROA develops HEELON-IA, an innovative and cutting-edge modular interoperability solution to revolutionize health data management. Thanks to its patented artificial... View Article