Parean Biotechnologies and Keyrus Life Science announce their alliance to accelerate innovation in biometry, bioinformatics and biostatistics, in the EU and North America

23 November 2022

Parean Biotechnologies and Keyrus Life Science and  will join their expertise in data science and technologies to meet the most critical challenges for clients in the fields of biometry, biostatistics and bioinformatics.

Relying on the combined body of knowledge and know-how of both companies, our tailored offer will address the challenges of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies throughout the entire R&D cycle, from preclinical phases to clinical trials. Together we will provide a one-stop-shop for data science, in all fields ranging from clinical trial monitoring, biometry, RNA-Seq data analysis, data visualization, single cell data biostatistics, drug target validation and new biomarkers development.

“We are glad to announce this alliance with Keyrus Life Science. We were looking for the right partner in data science to expand our operations, leverage our RNA-Seq & repertoire biostatistics, while securing a high level of operational excellence for our clients in their clinical trials, and KLS was the partner to do this with.” declares Marwan Touati, CEO and co-founder of Parean Biotechnologies. “Together, we will be able to propose a wider and more relevant scope of data science missions, for biotech and pharma industries, addressing areas such as immuno-oncology, cell therapies, auto-immune diseases and neurology”.

Parean biotechnologies proposes cutting edge technologies, constantly develops new applications and integrates disruptive processes. By combining a wet lab and data science department dedicated to immunology, for both data generation and analysis, Parean biotechnologies enables researchers to decode the immune system at different levels in the same assay, in bulk or single cell processes. Thanks to its unique data science technological platform, Parean developed robust bioinformatics (QC, filtration, alignment, quantification) and biostatistics (exploratory, supervised analysis, data mining) competencies that are pivotal in most clinical research programs.

“At Keyrus Life Science, the Connected Contract Research Organization, we have a passion for innovating in clinical research, leveraging the most advanced data and digital technologies with our foundational CRO competencies to deliver the best in class and most advanced services and solutions to our clients” declares Michael Attlan, VP Life Science Innovation and Strategic Engagement at Keyrus. “Today we are proud of signing this alliance with Parean Biotechnologies, establishing a longterm partnership and allowing to reach a new level in our biometry and bioinformatic solutions. All of which will enhance results for the clinical research projects that our clients entrust to us.”