11 February 2020

Angers, 20th January 2020 – GlioCure SAS, a biotechnology company specialising in the field of neuro-oncology and a member of Atlanpole Biotherapies, announced that the RELIEF project it is running jointly with the German SME Abnoba alongside universities in Angers, Utrecht (Netherlands) and Uppsala (Sweden), has been selected by EUREKA ! (intergovernmental association for the promotion of innovation) as part of its twelfth call for proposals under the Eurostars banner.

Supported by the Atlanpole Biotherapies competitive cluster, the RELIEF project aims to develop a drug-delivery system (functionalisation of asymmetric liposomes) for more effective targeting and treatment of brain tumours following intravenous administration of an injectable form of the drug. The first indication to be targeted is the glioblastoma (GBM) – the most frequent and most aggressive type of brain tumour – using as active ingredient the GC01 peptide developed by GlioCure.

The 3-year RELIEF project represents a global R&D initiative amounting to approx. € 2.8 M in all for the five partners, € 630,000 of which goes to GlioCure, which will supply the GC01 peptide and conduct the in vitro and in vivo studies required to prove its anti-tumour activity.

Over the next three years, GlioCure could receive up to € 252,000 in grants from Bpifrance, representing 40% of its input into the project’s R&D strand.

According to Louis-Marie Bachelot, President and co-founder of GlioCure, “The RELIEF project is of particular strategic importance to GlioCure as it expands the pharmaceutical and galenical development perspectives for our first anti-tumour molecule”. He also notes that “Following EuroNanomed III’s selection of the Gliogel project in 2017, the selection of this project under the Eurostars banner illustrates yet again GlioCure’s ability to play a leading role in collaborative R&D excellence projects on a Europe-wide scale”.