Research Summer School

20 June 2016

The University of Angers is very pleased to announce the Summer Schools Angers 2016. From 27th June to 8th July, students will have the opportunity to attend one of our six different Summer Schools.Summer school

4 will be taught in English:
-Research: 27th June – 8th July (7th edition)
-Vascular: 4th July – 8th July (2nd edition)
-Plant Science: 27th June – 8th July (2nd edition)
-Bioinformatics: 27th June – 8th July (2nd edition)
2 will be taught in French:
-Enfance et bien-être : 27 juin – 2 juillet (1st edition)
-Les rencontres de l’éthique: 28 juin – 1er juillet in Brest (2nd edition)

Our Summer Schools offer a unique chance for students from all over the world to enjoy science in a beautiful environment.
Each of them includes conferences by international and renowned researchers, hands-on activities, visits to research facilities and biotech companies, and attractive social activities.
Students will gain knowledge and strengthen their skills which are going to be more than useful in their future professional careers.
For more information and videos of previous editions, visit: