Testing a new robot at Nantes University Hospital

27 April 2021

A trial of the HUSKY-UV, a UV disinfection robot, took place in the Thoracic Endoscopy Unit at Nord Laennec Hospital on 16th and 18th March. This robot was developed by E-COBOT* and TAME-CARE, a TRONICO** BRAND.

The HUSKY-UV comprises:

  • a smart mobile platform based on E-COBOT’s expertise. The AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) is able to move alone in autonomous mode and in remote control mode while ensuring the safety of people and equipment,
  • a disinfection column comprising UV-C lights developed by TRONICO, eliminating up to 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and fungi present on surfaces and in ambient air.

After an initial installation and set-up phase, the robot moved entirely autonomously around the 50m² endoscopy suite. The HUSKY-UV scanned and disinfected the various surfaces of objects present in the suite, as well as the floors and walls (up to a height of 2.5 metres), using UV-C light. The HUSKY-UV demonstrated its ability to deliver effective doses of UV-C sufficient to destroy microorganisms and to move over the establishment’s different types of flooring (tiles, PVC) in 6 minutes.

*E-COBOT is a Nantes-based company established in 2016, specialising in the design and integration of cobotics solutions for the benefit of humans, assisting them with their day-to-day logistical tasks.

** TRONICO is a Vendée-based company specialising in the design, industrialisation and manufacture of complex, predominantly electronic, products. In 2020, TRONICO created the Tame-Care brand, which specialises in the design of medical technologies.