XENOTHERA’s anti-COVID XAV-19 treatment: the end of the POLYCOR inclusions clinical trial promoted by the Nantes University Hospital

27 April 2021

The biotech XENOTHERA and the Nantes University Hospital announce the end of the inclusions of the second phase of the POLYCOR clinical trial, promoted by the Nantes University Hospital and awarded the National Research Priority label by the CAPNET interministerial committee. 398 patients were included in this study which evaluates, in patients with moderate pneumonia associated with COVID, the effectiveness of XAV-19. XAV-19 is a polyclonal antibody developed by XENOTHERA intended to stop the worsening of the disease and in particular to avoid transfer to intensive care. A network of 35 hospitals * in France made it possible to reach the inclusion target of the POLYCOR study in less than three months. The first results of the trial are expected by the summer.

* List of the 35 French hospitals that participated in the POLYCOR trial: