International master’s degree in Microalgae Bioprocess Engineering in September 2017 (University of Nantes)

24 March 2017

Openning in september 2017 !

In September 2017, Nantes University will launch a Master degree in Microalgae Bioprocess Engineering. This Master degree will cover theoretical and practical aspects necessary to develop industrial processes for microalgae valorization, from culture to final refining of produced biomass in extracted  products. This international Master’s Degree is integrated in a two-year program in Process and Bioprocess engineering, with 3 academic semesters (lectures in English) and a 6-month internship in industry or in a research laboratory.

Courses Aims

  • To learn the technical and scientific issues specific to the development of culture processes and biorefinery of microalgae
  • To be able to manage a research project or industrial development for the enhancement of microalgae for a given sector
  • To be familiar with the industrial exploitation of microalgae issues
  • To be able to handle multi-sectoral projects
  • To manage projects in connection with the issue of circular economy involving the cultivation of microalgae


Informations about the MBE Master.

Informations about the applications.