XENOTHERA announces the efficacy of its XAV-19 antibody against the BQ.1.1 variant

27 December 2022

In the context of a major resurgence of the COVID epidemic, the French biotech XENOTHERA has just carried out an urgent analysis of the neutralization by XAV-19 of BQ.1.1, the main variant of SARS-CoV-2 in circulation to date. XAV-19, a natural protective polyclonal anti-Covid antibody, is effective against BQ.1.1, as against other variants or the original virus.

The neutralizing concentration of XAV-19 (IC50) is measured at 5 ug/mL, similar to the IC50 against the other variants, given that the amount of XAV-19 in the serum of treated patients is ten times higher. In total, an injection of XAV-19 should therefore neutralize the BQ.1.1 virus during the viral phase of the disease.

The biotech announced on 16th of December the first analyses of its European EUROXAV trial, which was suspended due to reduced enrolment, demonstrating the safety of XAV- 19 and its potential efficacy in moderate stage patients within six days of symptomonset.

In a recent call by infectious diseases specialists* to address the situation of immunocompromised patients, for whom the administration of antibodies is essential, it was pointed out that none of the currently authorized neutralizing monoclonal antibodies was effective against this new variant and that only plasmas from convalescent patients could be considered.

In this particularly difficult context for vulnerable patients, XENOTHERA recalls that it has 30,000 doses of XAV-19 pre-ordered by the French government, ready for infusion, which could meet the needs in this period of resumption of the epidemic.

“While COVID persists, we would like to reiterate today our commitment to put our company at the service of the medical community and patients. There are several indications in favor of XAV-19, both its safety and efficacy, particularly on variants, making our antibody a viable therapeutic solution for immunocompromised individuals who do not have their own antibodies. In view of the benefit/risk ratio, i.e. the high probability of benefit and the low risk in this tense context, we have started to contact the competent health authorities to propose our contribution. If our request is approved, we are more than ever ready to move quickly to make XAV-19 available to physicians and patients. Our priority at XENOTHERA remains to provide a treatment to every patient who needs it.” comments Odile Duvaux, CEO and co-founder of XENOTHERA.

*Source: RICAI Congress (Interdisciplinary Meeting on Anti-Infectious Chemotherapy) – APM dispatch of 15.12.22 in reference).