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Rouen Normandy University, which employs more than 2500 persons, is a multidisciplinary university, hosting approximately 35,000 students, nearly a quarter of whom are in health training.
It incorporates 38 research laboratories, 15 of which within the training and research domain “Chemistry-Biology-Health” . Among these 15 laboratories, 6 are UMR Inserm and 2 are UMR CNRS.
The University also hosts several high-level technological platforms, in particular C2IORGA (Centre for Innovation and Engineering in Organic Chemistry and Analysis) in the field of chemistry, and the UMS Inserm / UAR CNRS HeRacLeS (High-tech Research infrastructures for Life Sciences) in the field of biology/health, including in particular 3 IBISA platforms in cell imaging, proteomics, and in vivo pre-clinical studies .
The University of Rouen Normandy is committed to a sustainable development and social responsibility (DD&RS) approach in the fields of training and research. It holds a national DD&RS label and is developing a transition institute.
The training and research activity in biology and health carried out within the University, in connection with the Rouen University Hospital, covers the various fields of biotherapies and production, from the development of new methods of production of antibodies to the clinical evaluation of new immunotherapies or cell therapies.

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