CEBR & COVID-19 | Webinars

20 May 2020

CEBR members are key actors in looking for solutions to improve the current COVID situation, locally but also at EU level. We connect weekly through a webinar to discuss potential solutions and concrete examples. CEBR offers first-hand information about the current situation in European regions and a great forum to exchange on the best practice. We are carefully analyzing the economic situation of European SMEs and trying to offer them the best support to go through the forthcoming economic crisis safely. Together we are working towards a virus-free future by organising COVID response, looking for the new ways to support European SMEs, closing gaps in value chains and trying to make them more flexible.

Every Thursday, from 12 PM to 1 PM, CEBR members join and exchange over their needs, opportunities, practices and relevant ideas over how to solve the current and forthcoming crisis.