New member | AGS-M

3 November 2021

AGS-M is a young CDMO dedicated to the development, the optimization and validation of manufacturing processes (production, clarification, purification and concentration, exogenous loading) of microalgal extracellular vesicles (MEV).

AGS-M’s manufacturing design aims at the batch production of MEV so as to meet the growing demand from MEV players.

MEV are intended to be used as a delivery system (DS) – namely as an extension of the so-called drug delivery systems (DDS) to various bioactive molecules, loaded inside the MEV either by the microalgae themselves or by human operators. The advantage of using a DS being the threefold conjunction of administering therapeutic products to the specific site of treatment within the body, of avoiding the recognition and premature degradation of the therapeutic agent and of releasing in a controlled manner the carried molecules.

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