Pierre Fabre : New member

9 May 2016

Pierre Fabre is a private pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics group, founded in 1962, by Pierre Fabre. In 2015, its turnover exceeded EUR 2.2 billion* in 130 countries.
The company is organized around two activities: pharmaceutical products (prescription drugs, consumer health) and dermo-cosmetic products (including the Eau Thermale Avène brand, a market leader in Europe and Asia). Pierre Fabre employs nearly 11,000 employees worldwide and has subsidiaries in 43 countries. In 2015, the Group dedicated more than 16% of its turnover, which has been earned in the pharmaceutical activity, to R & D, in four therapeutic areas: oncology, dermatology, the central nervous system and Consumer Health Care.Pierre Fabre
As part of its open innovation strategy, Pierre Fabre is developing sustainable and fruitful scientific partnerships with innovators from public research organizations (CNRS, INSERM, …), schools and universities (Polytechnic School of Lausanne, Saclay University, …), international pharmaceutical companies (Allergan, Merck & Co, Abbvie, Maruho …) and biotechnology companies (Array BioPharma, AbCheck, Cellectar …).
In 2016, this Open Innovation strategy is strengthened through two initiatives.
• “Nature Open Library”, a unique program in the world, which aims to share Pierre Fabre’s expertise in research, development and the industrialization of active plant ingredients, and which offers access to one of the largest private collections in the world of plants and extracts (15 000 samples listed in the sample library).
• “Pierre Fabre Fund for Innovation” supports biotech, start-up companies and research laboratories specializing in oncology, onco-dermatology and dermatology in France and Europe with the aim of accelerating the clinical development of new products which are currently at an advanced research phase or at early clinical development phase (through the sharing of expertise and / or financial contributions which are subject to the achievement of major turning points in the innovation process).
Pierre Fabre Participations is the holding company, in which Pierre Fabre Laboratories hold 86% through the Pierre Fabre Foundation. This Foundation has been recognized to be of public interest since 1999. The balance of 14% is shared by employees of the company (8%) and the treasury shares.