UBO : new member

9 May 2016

The University of Western Brittany (UBO) is focusing its activities in the marine areas, human and social sciences, health and agro-materials, math and ICTS. The UBO has joined Atlanpole Biotherapies as an academic member, who is taking an active part in, and, at the interface of many health areas.UBO-Hor-Noir vecto
The University of Western Brittany is a scientific, cultural and professional public institution. Its primary missions are to contribute to the development of research and to the raising of the scientific, cultural and professional standards of the nation and of the individuals who make it up, to the regional and national growth, to economic development and the achievement of employment policy. Finally, it contributes to the reduction of social and cultural inequalities.
The UBO provides:
• initial and continuing training;
• scientific and technical research and the development of its results;
• culture cascading and scientific and technical information;
• international cooperation.

Health is one of the four priorities of the University. By joining Atlanpole Biotherapies, the UBO hopes to strengthen the innovative nature of its research and to access a much broader academic and industrial collaboration network. Many laboratories (Oncology, Neurosciences, Immunology, Food and Nutrition, Chemistry, …) and technical platforms can thus enhance their research and develop their results development.