Nov.7th: participate in BIO Europe Cologne with the cluster’s support

21 May
Schedules not specified Location not specified

Participate in Cologne Bio Europe with Atlanpole Biotherapies :Bio Europe Cologne

1.     Support and coordination initially and locally by Atlanpole Biotherapies

2.     Access to the trade show and the BtoB business convention via the online partnering system.

3.     Access to the collective “Atlanpole Biotherapies” booth

  • Booth organization with provision of appointment spaces,
  • Devices to present your sales brochures, ,
  • Storage space, etc…

4.    Collective Promotion:

  • Booth panels with promotion dedicated to your business
  • Atlanpole Biotherapies brochure

These companies have already registered: Affilogic, Anaximandre, Atlanstat, Atlantic Bone ScreenBioalternatives, Biomedical Tissues, C Ris Pharma, Chelatec, Clean CellsHorama, HTL Pharma, Myelomax, NG Biotech, OGD2Pharma, Porsolt, Valneva, Yslab